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User Guide | NMTeck Simple n Easy CMS (NSEC)

NMTeck Simple-n-Easy CMS

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NMTeck Simple 'n Easy CMS is a customizable CMS developed for ease of use for developers, as well as a very simple and easy to use content management system for non-developers. It is built on the CodeIgniter framework which consist of a library of functions and classes that make the development process easy. CodeIgniter lets you creatively focus on your project by minimizing the amount of code needed for a given task. Likewise, NSEC simply builds on this concept, providing a default website template ready for customization.

Also built into NSEC is the TinyMce editor which is used for managing content. You can download the TinyMce ImageManager or FileManager, and you will definitely get alot more control in your hands.

NOTE: NSEC is not affiliated with Code Igniter or TinyMCE. These are used to integrate the system.

Who is this NSEC for?

This application was developed to help extend the arm of Code Igniter to accommodate for the non-developers who would are ultimately the ones who mostly benefit from the power behind the framework. Sites built in NSEC are not intended solely for only developers or only non-developers; NSEC is dedicated to the teams of developers and site managers who are willing to work together to create the project/idea they would like to build on... more




NSEC Version 2.0 Release
posted on November 8, 2009 at 2:34PM

Ok, so we decided to go back and fix alot of the minor issues in this release to make it good out of the box for practically any type of site you can think of. We will be updating the User Guide to reflect some of the changes, however, many of them are in the functionality and performance and will only be noticed if you have used the previous versions. As of now, upgrading is not supported fully in this change so you need to backup your current installation, install the new version and make sure... Read More

Site Builds In Less Than 72 Hrs
posted on September 10, 2009 at 12:24PM

Wow! When I started working on this project, I never expected it to come as far as it has now. There are sites going up quick and fast and with little effort thanks to the simplicity of NSEC. I want to thank you guys for trying it out. Keep in tune for lots more updates to make it even easier to use and customize. My goal is to make it easy for both sides. I've seen and used almost all of the CMSs out there and I've tried to take what they did, including the power and speed, and put them into on... Read More

Changelog June 24th, 2009
posted on June 25, 2009 at 12:52AM

Lots of known issues were resolved in this update. I think that it's almost there. Ready getting close to a beta release. We're looking for testers and php developers to help us get things going. Use out contact form to let us know if you are interested in becomming a part of the community behind the most Simple-n-Easy CMS to use. /system/application/views/common.phpUpdated variable $dataTables and defined it in the ../config/init.php file. ../controllers/welcome.phpFixed issue with site sendin... Read More

Simple-n-Easy CMS First Release
posted on June 10, 2009 at 4:23PM

The first version of NSEC is now available for download to all those who would like to join in on the development. There are some known issues with this release which will be addressed in the next release for July. Please send us any questions or comments you have.

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New versions and updates will be located in this section.

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Current Version: 2.0

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